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Statuary documents

State Registration Certificate of Legal Entity

Registration Number: 1097746210121

Date of registration: 10.04.2009

Certificate of Tax Registration

Registration Number: 1097746210121

Taxpayer Identification Number: 7722683905

Tax Registration Reason Code: 772801001

Date of registration: 18.07.2014

Informative letter of registration in Statregistre Rosstat

OKATO (All-Russian Classifier of Administrative- Territorial Division): 45290564000

OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations): 60567090

OKTMO (All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipal Units): 45388000

OKOGU (All-Russian Classifier of Govenmental Authorities): 49013

OKFS (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership): 16

OKOPF (All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms): 65

OKVED (All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity): 51.38.1