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Our producers and suppliers


"VITYAZ-AVTO" Co., Ltd was established in 1999. Since the beginning "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co., Ltd and "Vikta" Co., Ltd had very close relations, which have transformed into full scale partnership over the years.

Today "Vikta" Co., Ltd is the main distributor of "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co., Ltd products to Russian domestic market and to International market. The key point of successful and progressive cooperation is based on high quality products produced by "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co., Ltd on one side and strong and reliability financial position of "Vikta" Co., Ltd on another side.  

Since 2007 "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co., Ltd was issued Chinese, Korean and EU registration numbers: CH-96K, KR-1-96K and EU96K

In December of 2009 "VITYAZ-AVTO" has been awarded "The All-Russian mark (III millennium). The XXI-st century quality symbol" for:

  •     Processed (head-off, gutted and head-on, gutted) wild caught frozen fish
  •     Salted salmon roe
  •     Salted and smoked fish portions
  •     Single-frozen and fish fillets

Over the years "VITYAZ-AVTO" Co. LTD was awarded numerous numbers of awards at International and Domestic Seafood expos.

FPP "SOCRA" Co., Ltd

"Vikta" Co., Ltd. is a sole-distributor of FPP "SOCRA" Co., Ltd. since 2007.

FPP "SOCRA" Co., Ltd was found in 1998.  Company was started with a single fish processing factory. Today FPP "SOCRA" Co., Ltd operates three fish processing factories in Kamchatka region with their own catching fleet and piers in closely located from fish processing factories, which provides immediate delivery of freshly harvested fish, maintaining high quality for production.

FPP "SOCRA" Co., Ltd is approved for export to China and Korea (registration number: CH-107, CH-442; KR-1-107 and KR-1-442).

"Fishing company named after Vostretsov" Co.,Ltd

Commercial fishing in village Vostretsovo was first established in 1931.  Over the years "Fishing company named after Vostretsov" Co., Ltd. has delevoped into a modern fish-processing complex for production and processing of frozen fish. Fishing is carried out by set gill-nets on rivers Urak, Chilchikan, Tolmat, Andych, Ohota, Udbeya of Okhotsk area in Khabarovskiy region as well as in the Sea of Okhotsk. 
"Fishing company named after Vostretsov" Co., Ltd. harvests wild caught Pink, Chum, Coho, Sockeye Salmon and Pacific Herring.

Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin

Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin is one of the largest fish processors in Kamchatka region of Russia. The collective farm has achieved full independence covering all segments in fish processing. Company’s main activity is catching and processing of aquatic resources. 

Collective Farm Fishery by V.I. Lenin produces wide variety of products. Company is well known in Russia as well as overseas.